Die Quetschkommod in Rüdesheim am Rhein
DIE kernige Erlebniswirtschaft der besonderen Art

Opening times:

12.00 till ??.?? pm/ am
Friday and Saturday:
12.00 till 01.00 am
We are closed from January 1 to March 31

The "Quetschkommod",

a pithy experience economy of a special kind. Established in Rüdesheim's famous Drosselgasse for 20 years now, the name lives up to its promise. name keeps its promise. Informal get-togethers of Rüdesheim and international guests with exceptional live music in a rustic and original Caribbean ambience. rustic and original Caribbean ambience. In 2018, after thorough planning, a new terrace with cocktail bar was built facing the Drosselgasse. The toilets, of course also handicapped accessible, were redesigned and a completely new kitchen was installed.

If one looks back to the beginnings of the Drosselgasse and asks what the attraction of this alley was and what made it so famous, one comes to the realisation that it was first and foremost and what made it so famous, then one comes to the conclusion that first and foremost the basic wishes of its visitors for conviviality and cheerfulness were fulfilled here. and cheerfulness. Here you could stop in without being asked where you stood, you met people from the region, people from the region, sailors and captains on their way down the Rhine, and travellers of all different origins. Over a hearty meal and a and a cool drink, people quickly got together. Someone brought a guitar or an accordion and started to play. From this the idea of performing handmade live music from the 70s and 80s as well as current music. This was in the Uli Geller and anyone who has ever been a guest will be able to confirm it!

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