Die Quetschkommod in Rüdesheim am Rhein
DIE kernige Erlebniswirtschaft der besonderen Art

Opening times:

12.00 till ??.?? pm/ am
Friday and Saturday:
12.00 till 02.00 am
We are closed from January 1 to March 31

The "Quetschkommod",

is a traditional cosy pub in the famous "Drosselgasse" of Rüdesheim and already established for more then ten years. "Quetschkommod" is the German name for accordion and this means that there is often all kind of live-music. The pub with the feel-good atmosphere is a popular gathering point for locals and people from all over the world. And THIS is very traditional!

Thinking of the early days of the "Drosselgasse" and asking for the reason why this alley became so famous, it's easy to find the answer in it's fulfillment of humans' elementary wishes for pleasure, conviviality and happiness. Everybody was welcome without being asked for his state. Here, one met people from the region as well as travellers, fisherman, skipper and rafters. Over a hearty meal and a cool drink one came quickly together. One brought his guitar, another an accordion or a fiddle and they started to play and everybody could dance or sing along. And this still works today specifically in this impersonally hectic times that we know. This concept has been revived from the two hosts Uli Geller and Hajo Meuer and if you ever been for a visit in the "Quetschkommod" you can confirm that it still works.